Who We Are

At KiDEO, our team of industry leading experts thrive at driving continuous forward innovation by developing highly interactive apps that combine education and entertainment for preschoolers around the world. Everything we create is strategically developed to exercise the brain while having fun at the same time. We believe that education has to have a fun side, in order to be truly effective for preschool age learners.

Our Core Values


Our team is comprised of highly qualified professionals who work together to develop innovative learning apps that children love.


We strive to implement an optimized educational experience into each and every one of our learning apps.


We believe that interactive games are the best platform for young children to learn and retain the skills they need to thrive.


Children thrive when they are able to bring out their creative side and learn new developmental skills at the same time.


We guarantee a safe, fun, non-violent digital environment that nurtures a child’s imagination in a secure and friendly manner.

Our Vision

To Provide a Fun, and Innovative Learning Environment for Children Around the World!

Our Mission

Creative generations are developed by utilizing the latest technological advancements for the good of society. KiDEO aims to accomplish this by continuing to create fun, safe, and educational applications that are strategically designed to enhance a child’s learning experience and imagination exploration.

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